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August 2022

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Kingdom Announcements!
Happy August Palace Members!

We have a new look to the forum this month. This beautiful layout has been designed by GAD using tubes from RPP.
For the month of August, The Pixel Palace forum will be on a summer break. We'll be back and resume our activities on September 1st. We hope you all have a great summer break and enjoy your time with your family and friends. Please be safe and don't forget to use mask always.

If you need help navigating the forum, check out the video tutorial HERE

We have added a new board on the forum as per request by one of our members. If you need a little uplifting during all this turmoil our world is currently in, please head on over to Ursula's little place under The Neck of the Woods
Ursula's Encouragement Corner
Partner Forum
German / English Speaking Forum. Owned by our very own Christina.

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 Registration & Membership FAQ

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Registration & Membership FAQ Empty
PostSubject: Registration & Membership FAQ   Registration & Membership FAQ Icon_minitimeSun Jan 12, 2020 8:25 pm

Along with all of the other information shared here with rules and application, We have an FAQ that will be added to as we see issues resolved.
You didn't get your confirmation email?
First, check spam folders. It never hurts and you can then put us on the safe list for future updates. Second, if you're using outlook for an email service, we've routinely seen errors with it, where the emails never come through. We suggest gmail.
Your application was rejected.
There are a multitude of reasons to be told no. But a no was a choice made by more than 1 person, so it's not a personal grudge, it's simply for the safety of either an admin or another member (or members) that we said no.
The forum says your account is deactivated.
This happens for more than one reason. The most common:

*You didn't post a welcome within 3 days of being confirmed as a member. Real life will always come first, but it shows you want to be here and we want as many participating members as possible.

*You never posted, or haven't been on for months with 0 notice or any we could find. Again, real life happens. We know and understand and emergencies will definitely crop up, it's how life works. You aren't deleted, you will be marked inactive however and will have to email the admin account to be added back as an active member. No contact for over a year, will be an immediate delete, you'll have to re-register.

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Registration & Membership FAQ
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